What did students from the 2013 class have to say about their experience at The Umpire School?

“I was treated with respect and could feel the passion of every staff member. I felt comfortable approaching instructors with questions and always satisfied with the explanations and instructions.”

“I never thought I could spend 3½-4 hours a day, 6 days a week for a month and never get bored.”

“I benefited from the one-on-one instruction following each repetition. Each evaluation was concise and comprehensive; each instructor had their own perspective on situations, which is always refreshing.”

“Had a great time here at The Umpire School and would recommend to any fellow umpire.”

“The staff showed that they care about our future and only want the best for us.”

“The Umpire School has been the experience of a lifetime. The setting at the Historic Dodgertown – Vero Beach adds a special historical connection to how the game of baseball has evolved and should be respected. The level of instruction has been nothing short of excellent. The staff’s commitment ensures that everyone receives top-notch instruction. The staff’s demeanor is a great example of the kind of attitude necessary to be a “professional” umpire. My goal when I chose to attend The Umpire School was to be educated by the best teachers in the game – this goal has been met and exceeded!”

“My experience at The Umpire School was amazing! It was great to be able to eat, sleep and have the fields on site. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

“This was truly an amazing experience. From the beginning, I could tell the staff was not only interested in finding umpires to work in professional baseball, but to make each student a better umpire in whatever level of baseball he may work.”

“Anyone in my hometown considering attending professional umpire school will get my 100% recommendation for The Umpire School.”